Hywel Vickers is Founder and Director of the Company. He has been employed in this service sector for over 37 years, and is fully qualified in both Commercial and Domestic Heating Service, Maintenance and Installation. In addition to carrying out hands-on technical practice, Hywel also provides a Consultation Service to Clients who need specialist heating maintenance advice with appliances and systems which have been historically dysfunctional or difficult to repair. Hywel’s first language is Welsh, and he is keen to ensure that all available communications for the company can be offered on a bilingual basis.

Julie Jones is Co-Director of the Company and along with Hywel has over-all responsibility for all operational aspects of the Company’s Contracts. Julie takes primary responsibility for all H.R. Management, Procurement and Business Planning. Prior to joining the Company, she worked as a qualified Local Authority Social Worker for over twenty years.

General Manager

Chris Wade, our General Manager, joined us in mid 2018. He currently oversees the day-to-day running of the firm.

Contract Manager

Chris John is employed as our Contracts Manager, having worked in this sector since 2005. Chris maintains his specialist technical qualifications and is responsible for the day to day management of our highly trained team of Engineering Staff. He also has responsibility for Service Coordination, Client Liaison and Health & Safety for the Company. In the provision of our highly skilled and specialist services we are supported by a dedicated administrative team, who take responsibility for all day to day administration and coordination tasks. Our highly skilled Commercial and Domestic Engineering Teams who are all qualified to above Industry Standard requirements, provide our clients with excellent cost effective services and are supported by trainees, new starters and apprentices.

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